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Valbury Capital Limited has gone live with TraderTools Inc. (TraderTools), which provides Liquidity Management Platform (LMP), the only complete, integrated FX trading platform available on the market. Valbury Capital was attracted to TraderTools’ approach of working together as a partner rather than as a software vendor, coupled with the fact that LMP is an enterprise-class trading platform complete with liquidity aggregation, order management and pricing engine functionality.

“We were looking for a vendor with expertise in FX, excellent technology and the highest quality standards for our multi-environment trading platform,” stated Mark Hanney, CEO of Valbury Capital. “Providing our clients with seamless access to market liquidity is a core part of our service. We chose TraderTools’ Liquidity Management Platform because of its field-proven reliability and their experience in delivering connectivity from the leading investment banks. TraderTools will enable us to deliver that liquidity to our clients through its proprietary trading screens, via an API or through our existing front-end platforms such as MT4 and VLC Vanguard depending on the client’s specific requirements.”

“We are excited about working with a dynamic, visionary company like Valbury Capital,” commented Mark Mayerfeld, Executive VP, International Sales at TraderTools. “Valbury has implemented the full TraderTools solution and, at their request, we are also providing integration with MT4 and VCL Vanguard as part of their on-going efforts to reach out to mid-market and private client audiences.”

Valbury Capital aims to fill the void between the services offered by the investment banks and those offered by retail service providers. It operates a traditional client driven service combined with market leading technology, and focuses on offering voice and electronic execution services to corporates, institutions, professional traders and experienced private clients.

Valbury Capital’s investors are leading independent providers of brokerage and corporate finance services to the Asian markets – one of the world’s fastest growing foreign exchange marketplaces. The firm aims to meet the growing demand by Asian investors to operate in Europe, as well as offer a specialist gateway for European traders to gain access to the Asian markets.

About Valbury Capital

Valbury Capital Limited was established to provide clients with a mid-market broking service fully regulated by the FSA, and aims to meet the growing demand from experienced and professional market participants for a broker that can combine the platforms they require with superior service. It has a focus on Asia, providing Asian clients with a specialist London based broker, and giving European clients a gateway into Asia – one of the world’s fastest growing marketplaces. Valbury Capital’s investors bring with them over 20 years’ of experience of serving corporate and private clients in that region, and this heritage gives Valbury Capital its unique market expertise. Go to: www.valburycapital.com for more information.

About TraderTools

TraderTools Inc. delivers the only complete, integrated, FX trading platform available on the market. Banks and brokerages use the TraderTools platform to increase FX revenues, reduce FX costs, improve FX spreads and access vital information to help run their FX businesses more efficiently and effectively.

FX desks traditionally deploy an assortment of vertical tools, developed internally or externally by different vendors. TraderTools replaces these disparate products with a single innovative platform that addresses the 4 most pressing FX challenges: an FX pricing engine, FX liquidity aggregation, global FX order management and FX white-labelling. It is an end-to-end solution designed to work seamlessly across all components and provide unparalleled visibility into the entire FX workflow. The result is an optimized FX Liquidity Management Platform™ – with advanced capabilities, like algorithmic FX trading and FX auto-hedging – designed to generate profits.

The TraderTools FX trading platform is the product of more than a decade’s worth of experience with some of the world’s largest financial institutions. TraderTools, Liquidity Management Platform, Dynamic Liquidity Manager and the tagline “The eFXperts” are trademarks of TraderTools Inc.

Contact information:
Valbury Capital

Cathy Blackburn, Head of Marketing
Tel: +44 207 977 1471
Email: cblackburn@valbury.co.uk


Mark Mayerfeld, EVP, International Sales
Tel: +1-212-782-3550
E-mail: mark@tradertools.com


Ian Tick, Director, Marketing
Tel: +972-9-740-8880
E-mail: ian@tradertools.com

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