Our Products

innovative FX trading platform provides solutions that address the core challenges of FX trading in a fully hosted SaaS environment. Each feature is fully integrated within our FX trading platform.


Widest Market Coverage With Both Bank And Non-Bank Liquidity

Dealers need access to as much liquidity as possible. TraderTools' FX Liquidity Aggregation component supports over 40 APIs from the world's largest liquidity providers, with no limitation on the number of currency pairs. Liquidity providers include:

  • 25+ Euromoney banks
  • 10 local market bank currency specialists in ZAR, TRY, Scandi, and CE3
  • 10+ non-bank recycling Alternative Liquidity Providers
  • All major ECNs

Complete Range Of Order And Execution Types

A diverse set of order and execution types means dealers can take liquidity how they want it, when they want it. TraderTools' FX Liquidity Aggregation component supports:

  • Market, Limit, Stop, etc.
  • GTC, IOC, AON, POK, etc.
  • Synthetic crosses

Smart Order Routing (SOR)

The SOR unit receives full liquidity in real time and constantly monitors the tiered and quoted bids and offers from different venues, according to predefined order rules. When a match is found, it immediately executes the order on the appropriate venue. Our self-teaching intelligent SOR is trained to:

  • Rewards higher fill-ratio LPs
  • Seek the fewest passes of the book

Flexible And Intuitive GUI

TraderTools' flexible Graphic User Interface (GUI) allows traders to customize their views of the market. With all liquidity channels consolidated onto a single screen, our GUI allows for:

  • Customizable views by market, price, and size including VWAP
  • Single-click or multiple-click dealing
  • Order and execution status blotters
  • Savable user profiles