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TraderTools deploys PriceOn™ at five separate clients

by TraderTools

TraderTools has deployed its new market-making software PriceOn at 3 different European regional banks and 2 different RetailFX brokers.

We are encouraged by the results of the initial clients and are now seeing more clients beginning to adopt it. We are hoping to have upwards of ten live clients all across Europe and North America by year-end which will include crypto market makers.

   PriceOn is the most cost-effective solution in the market to help regional banks and brokers monetize their flow better simple pay as you use arrangements. Sophisticated market-making tools allow our clients to run a full-fledged market-making operation: Hundreds of features all around maximizing spread earned and Increase competitiveness selectively where it suits to win more business. No programming or quant skills required by dealers at desk to use this too.

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